Kitchen Makeover

Monday, August 13, 2018

When we bought our house we were so fortunate that it was in such excellent condition already! But of course we had updates we wanted to make.
The entire interior of our home were shades of brown so we knew we were going to have to get the whole inside painted. We debated doing it ourselves but with vaulted ceilings and then finding out I was pregnant we decided....better not. So we hired someone to paint the inside but went ahead and did the kitchen cabinets, molding, and doors ourselves.  We started with cleaning and sanding everything! We do have quiet a large kitchen and once the doors were off the task did seem a little daunting. But we pushed forward! I'm terrible at documenting a project when its being done but I rounded up a couple pics to give you an idea of the changes!

We used Sherwin Williams Multi Purpose Latex Primer and then used Sherwin Williams Emerald because of its washability (which I knew we would need in the kitchen). I love matte finishes and didn't want to see any shiny cabinets so we went with Satin. We primed everything front and back and then started the painting. When going white we knew we were going to have to do at least 2 coats. In the end we ended up doing 3 just to be safe and ensure longevity. The waiting in between coats is what ends up stretching out the process. Make sure you have good ventilation and wear a good face mask if possible!

I knew immediately once we started putting the doors on that we made the perfect choice! Our kitchen was immediately looking brighter and it got rid of all the brown hues, making our countertops look more black which we love! For our hardware we chose classic matte black round knobs and matte black modern handles we found on Etsy. Here is the finished look (though we still need to update our light fixtures!!)

In the end everything turned out great and we love how bright it is! We absolutely loved our paint choice and though this project took many nights and weekends it was worth it! Stay tuned for more home updates!


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