Guest Bedroom/Upstairs Living Room Makeover

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

One of the first rooms I put together was the guest bedroom to ensure we had a nice space for people when they came to visit! At the time I was pregnant, sick, and tired and so lucky that I found Crystal Mickelsen Design.

We had moved our previous dresser, nightstands and queen sized bed to our guest bedroom and got ourselves a king (mainly because I don't like being touched when I am really trying to sleep lol, and Tony wanted room for the dogs at the bottom of the bed). So we really just needed help with decor in our guest bedroom. I absolutely loved how the space turned out! But first here is a before image!

Many of our decor items are from Target! I decided to go with accents of gold with our black furniture and white bedspread. Our bed  (though I don't think they sell this particular one anymore), nightstands, and dresser are all from my favorite HEMNES series at Ikea.

I know a lot of people (guys mainly) have hangups with decorative pillows but I love them! They make all the difference when creating a cozy room! I can't tell you how amazing it was to have Crystal put all of this together and just walk in to a beautiful finished room! With this beautiful space to offer guests I love having company over!

Our upstairs living room was the perfect place for our media center, games, and Tony's pride and joy (I'll show you what I'm talking about). Here is the before pic!

Funny enough, this upstairs living room pretty much houses all of the furniture we owned since we've been married and were living in our little one bedroom apartment in California :) Its a cozy place to watch movies and play games!

Our couches are from Ikea of course, love them because you can take off the covers, machine wash, or switch them for different colors.

I got these frames from Ikea and I love how easy they were to hang. It came with all the different ways you can configure the frames and a paper you can put up on the wall that tells you exactly where the nails should go. My kind of system!!

Loving our new Nugget!! Our space upstairs isn't huge but we wanted more seating options and this fit perfectly!! And its so comfy!

We have so many games and this little cupboard was perfect! I honestly can't remember where we bought it though. I just knew I wanted something with doors to hide this chaos! The mini fridge was originally my idea though I didn't really think we would do it (I'm not a big soda drinker). But of course Tony (who does enjoy his diet sodas) made it happen and keeping this baby stocked is his pride and joy. If you've had the chance to visit us I am sure he has offered you plenty of soda!

Don't mind how dusty our media center is lol. The bean bag is from Restoration Hardware Teen. I love how it looks and it is super soft! Our only complaint is its sooo full of beads its really stiff. We still need to empty it a little bit. Thanks for following along! Can't wait to share my favorite room, Declan's Nursery :)


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