Friday, March 20, 2020

I decided I need to make individual blog posts for specific places we've traveled to so that those who ask me for advice on things to see and do can find all my highlights in one place!

Iceland was an absolute dream! The biggest tip I could share is to pack clothes for all types of weather! We would get sun, wind, rain, and snow all in the same day! This made packing a little tricky, especially when trying to pack light! Iceland was one of three destinations we stopped at during this trip so we tried to keep our baggage light.

I packed a water/wind resistant shell and underneath I wore a cozy jacket (my fav being this one from uniqlo), and a long sleeved shirt. Layers are best so you can quickly take whatever you need on and off as you travel around.

If you plan on traveling with little kids like we did, check out this blog post where I share some of our favorite baby items we use when we travel.

When I plan a trip, I like to find all the popular and/or interesting things to see and do, I then map everything out on google maps in order to plan out our itinerary based on what things are close to each other. You'll definitely need to rent a car since a lot of these sights are spread out. Be aware of weather conditions when you go. We went mid October and didn't have to worry about snow on the roads.

Here is the itinerary I worked up for us when we were in Iceland for 4 days

Iceland Day 1 -
Most of these are waterfalls and sights along the coast. These locations are lettered because that is how google maps inputs your locations. I've added links to google photos for each location so you can decide if it's a spot you'd like to see.

A. Start in Reykjavik

H. Vik, Iceland (the whole town looks incredible)

I. Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland (woah!)
A. Hofn, Iceland - Hotel - Fosshotel Vatnajokull

Total Drive time for all of these locations is about 6 hours. This may be a bit intense for some people as far as how many stops there are. I always tend to pack in a lot!

Iceland Day 2 -
Biggest waterfall in Europe is up north, as well as one of the most popular falls in Iceland, it would be a lot of driving….but I hear its a cool drive.
A. Hofn, Iceland

B. Vestrahorn, Iceland

C. Dettifoss, Iceland (also looks cool)

D. Goðafoss Waterfall, Iceland (this place looks amazing!)

E. Kirkjufell (Great place to see Northern Lights, unfortunately for us it was stormy so we didn't (we did sit in the hot tub in the middle of a snow/rain/wind storm though) but still such an amazing place! Plus it was a location for Game of Thrones!
A. snaefellsjoekull national park

B. Gullfoss Falls, Iceland

C. Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Iceland Day 4 -
A. Blue Lagoon (Must book in advance. Fun, very touristy spa. But since we were traveling with a baby it was a great option for us since it has a building to hang out in. Declan pretty much napped the entire time, it was perfect!

When it comes to eating out I usually will ask our airbnb hosts their favorite places, a great way to get a locals opinion. I will also just use Yelp to find popular places. Some of these locations are very remote and restaurants and grocery stores can be hard to find. We made sure to pack some road trip type snacks to have on hand while we drove.

Make sure to bring a camera because these sights are insane!! If anyone has questions feel free to comment below!


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