Declan's First Birthday

Sunday, February 17, 2019

I'm a little behind updating our blog! With wedding season starting up I've been busy getting everything ready for my 2019 weddings! I thought I would at least post this cutie's very first birthday!! I debated going all out and doing a full on party but in the end I decided I would rather spend money on a big party when he can actually remember it! But that didn't keep me from taking some adorable pics of him enjoying his birthday cake!
In all honestly he wasn't as into it as I thought he would be. We did go out to eat at Olive Garden and he got a lot of love from strangers sitting by us, as well as a free dessert! Can't beat free! Happy Birthday my sweet boy! Can't believe how fast that first year went by!

I live for high chairs from Ikea, they are simple, easy to store, and have a great modern design. If you follow my Instagram I have been raving about this gathre table cloth also. This particular one is actually no longer available but they have other amazing options! We have used gathre bibs, baby changing mats, and I just got a mat to go under his highchair. Our cake we got at Whole Foods because they have some delicious options! A few people have asked about his adorable cake topper, the sparkler. I actually picked it up at a toy store called Terra Toys in Austin, TX. I am sure other places sell it but it was an amazing find :)

For his adorable suspender shorts, I got them at Hallmark baby. Waiting for it to warm up here in San Antonio so he can start wearing shorts again! Thanks for sharing this milestone with us!


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