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Friday, September 14, 2018

For all of you who follow my Instagram I mentioned yesterday about wanting to share some of our favorite children's books! Being someone who loves books, I wanted to try to encourage Declan to love them also! I'm a sucker for beautiful illustration and of course cute stories! So here are some of our favorites so far! I would love more recommendations to add to our wish list so please comment!

These adorable books from the BabyLit Series are a favorite of mine! They turn classic stories like Moby Dick into adorable board books easy for your little ones to understand! They have Jungle Book ,  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Secret Garden, a bunch of the Jane Austen books, and other classics! 
This All Aboard Series is also from the creators of BabyLit. They do all sorts of popular cities and destinations which make them perfect souvenirs! Bought California when we moved away but I have a bunch of cities on my book list still! 

Simliar to the BabyLit books this Hello, World board book series also highlights cities around the world! I can't say which I like more because they are both so cute!! All of them have some kind of educational aspect like this San Francisco book of numbers! 

LOVE this book! The illustrations are adorable! Tony speaks Spanish and I'm always telling him to speak it to Declan so I have him read this to him all the time and Declan loves it! 

Talking about gorgeous illustrations you have to check out There Is a Tribe of Kids! It is such a magical, whimsical book with a sweet story! The author also wrote another beautiful book, Grandpa Green which is equally as beautiful! 

Right now Declan can't really get super involved in book reading besides wanting to put the book in his mouth but I wanted to have some books that were a little more interactive! I found Dress Up Jojo  in a local book store and thought it was so adorable! 

I love me a good pop up!! I remember loving pop up books as a kid and I am so glad they make some cute ones! A Sea Voyage is beautiful and educational as it shares about all kinds of boats!

Touch Think Learn books are some of my favorite!! Simple, clean, and educational. They have a lot of different kinds, baby animals, vehicles, numbers, colors, shapes, and more! 

How can you not love narwhals! They were a favorite of Tony's as a kid so we've been sure to add a few narwhal things here and there. I am so happy I came across Wendell The Narwhal Has super cute illustrations and a great story! 

This book is basically art. Its beautiful story teaches about the seasons hence the title Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn. This author also has Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter  which I also love! 

Not that I am already thinking about Christmas (I secretly am just don't tell Tony) but the beautiful pop up classic The Night Before Christmas, will make the nights leading up to Christmas even more magical! If you have tiny ones like Declan make sure to keep it barely out of reach because some of the pop ups are fragile! 

Some other must have classics are Guess How Much I Love You, Goodnight Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and we also own a lot of the Dr. Seuss books as well. I've included my full list of books we either own or are on our wish list! I would love to know your favorites as well so I can keep adding to it!!



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